Ultra Sport is a great place to work

We would say that wouldn't we - but it is. If you are lively, happy and want to work as part of an enthusiastic team. If you are talented and committed (not insane) and want to enjoy what you do. If money is not your main concern but job satisfaction is. If you are a sports enthusiast (or not) then Ultra Sport could be the place for you. Young or old as long as you have a 'young at heart' approach to life then you will fit in fine.

We rarely have vacancies because people don't leave but as we grow new positions become available.  More often than not we do not advertise - vacancies are usually filled from people who have submitted their CV's on spec - so do that. What have you got to lose?  We look forward to hearing from you.

About us:  Ultra Sport EU have been distributing sports brands for over 40 years.  We distribute many well known brands in the action sports industry - from snowboarding to wakeboarding, cycling to surfing, skateboarding and street/lifestyle, plus some tech associated with our sports and now we are moving into football.  Selling to Retailers all over the UK and Ireland it is our task to ensure great market penetration, continual growth, excellent marketing and a sustainable brand business.  We also Manage the EU sales and operate a 3PL (Third Party Warehouse) for some of our suppliers

Ultra Sport Europe Ltd.
Carnival Way,
Castle Donington,
Derbyshire DE74 2HP

01332 813 150

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