The O'Brien Pet Vest

The O'Brien Pet Vest 

Give your dog a break, because even dogs get tired of doggy paddling. The O'Brien Pet Vest is made to fit comfortably on almost any dog whether it's a Chihuahua or Black Lab. Thin profile for minimal floatation with nylon grab strap and leash loop on back for dogs who don't know the meaning of stay". The Vest has adjustable ladder lock strap neck buckle for donning and doffing. The neoprene rubber provides the floatation and is covered with a durable outer shell for added comfort. Vest is available in multiple sizes. So keep man's best friend" safe and comfortable when out on the water with O'Brien Pet Vest. 

  • Reflective nylon handle on back
  • 1 Neck buckle
  • 2 adjustable ladder locks 
  • Zips 
  • Clear colour visibility in & out of water
  • Size Range Fits: Chihuahua to Black Lab's
  • Give Your Dog-a-Break, Even Dogs Get-Tired of Doggy Paddling
  • Made-to-Fit Comfortably on Almost-Any Dog

Winning 1st place on Best Review Guide for Life Vests April 2019 for Quality & Affordability.

To catch man's best friend out on the water in the O'Brien Hilo 10'6 click here.


Does your dog love being on the water as much as you do? We’ll keep them safe with the O’Brien Pet Vest. Designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes, this vest features one neck buckle and two adjustable ladder locks to fit securely around your furry friend while they are playing in the water. This vest also includes a strong nylon handle on the back to make for easy water retrieval. Check out the size chart to see which Pet Vest will suit your dog’s needs:

Size Weight Neck Chest Waist
XS 8 - 15 Lbs. 10" - 13" 18" - 24" 14" - 20"
S 15 -30 Lbs. 12" - 16" 22" - 28" 18" - 24"
M 30 - 60 Lbs. 15" - 19" 26" - 32" 22" - 28"
L 60 - 80 Lbs. 18" - 22" 30" - 38" 26" - 32"
XL 80 Lbs. & Over 18" - 24" 30" - 42" 26" - 26"

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